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"So much more than a scary creature story. It's about second chances, community, new friendships, budding romance, courage and honor."

 — Laura Thomas of A Knife and A Quill and fuonlyknew

"The humor really makes the adventure theme sparkle, and the original concept makes this a refreshing read in a marketplace flooded with cookie-cutter renditions of the same old product."  —Paula Cotton, Reading Lark

"4.75 Stars! Wish I could say I've read more stories featuring a main character like Calvin. I can count on one hand the number of books I've read featuring a black main character in a YA Fantasy."   —Libertad Thomas, Twinja Book Reviews & Diverse Book Tours


"Delta Legend kills in diversity. Calvin's funny, bright, and resourceful—an empowering image for young men. Mei Li is feisty, ambitious, and the object of affection, without being exoticized. The back story is awesome, making the world building a wonder to imagine."

Guinevere Thomas, Twinja Book Reviews & Diverse Book Tours

Additional reviews on Goodreads and Amazon

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