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Though I’ve been writing in one form or another since the age of twenty, Delta Legend  was my

first solo novel. I began writing in college, creating character monologues as a way to stand out

in auditions. Before long I was cranking out sketch comedy and one-act plays. I have a BA in Theatre Arts from SFSU. Somewhere along the way being on stage or on camera lost its appeal but the experience of being an actor helped shape me as a writer.


When I found myself in Los Angeles with then husband, Michael Bertram, I transitioned to

writing for screen. Delta Legend was originally a screenplay from my time in Hollywood and I'm proud to be one of the few writers who've successfully turned a spec into a novel. 


I've worked in production and post-production in the Entertainment Industry in Northern California and Los Angeles. I'm also a Foodie and my present real life job is as Assistant Buyer for The Kitchen in Alamo, California. I currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with my partner, Sound Engineer/Producer, Tom Size, and the incredibly spoiled pets of Camp Runamuck. 


Flash Forward: Dear Friends, I have been largely absent from the literary world since

December of 2015 when my long-time partner, Tom Size, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma. After a valiant fight, Tom left this world on October 30, 2016. Then, just two days shy of his 25th birthday, my amazing, brilliant, and funny nephew, Cody, lost his arduous battle with addiction in 2019. Both Tom & Cody helped me bring Delta Legend to the page. They should both be here—they had so much more to give the world.


So yeah, I've had a few flaming curve balls lobbed my way. These last few years have been about healing, working full-time plus to keep the roof over my head, and looking after my fiercely independent 95 year-old mom, Jackie.


We're all still navigating the gauntlet of a pandemic in a deeply divided country grappling with social and racial injustice. I am reminded of the time a social activist friend of mine said, "Remember, when you feel powerless to change the bigger issues, change the small ones you can in your own community."


I hope to return to writing one day soon. Stories are brewing, both fiction and non-fiction. I'll touch down again. Until then, hang tough and be kind to each other, even when divisiveness is modeled and encouraged. Take it from someone who's known some challenges of late—we're gonna get through this and come out changed but stronger on the other side. - Kelan



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